Friday, March 24, 2006

and let me say why I dislike Reshma Sanyal so much - stuck up bitch cant write to save her life. Made a huge dramatic exita and now she comes back and posts her own picture. Narcissist.Oh and her life is so exciting - she is so exotic as she expresses in half sentences. Love me , love me, please do. Love, love me do like the Beatles. Is from JU as is Dreamcatcher daaahlin, we'll have a whole new post on that one. Reshma's wjhole problem in life is that she think s she can write, daaahling u cant. She also thinks she's a darling. oHHHHH.what she lacks is someone to screw. Hence she is frust and has to chat up younger IITans so she can screw them and they think that they are doing an older woman.