Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Another one of them is Teleute of www. ruinsoftheday.blogspot.com, for god's sake Gamemaster give the poor girl some orgasms before she starts to prostitute herself eh???
Babelfish another very Oh please do fall dowm on your knees and gasp for breath and tell me I am a raving beauty. Please do.
Rimi - well the world is her oyster or so she thinks. Might be one of those women - the ones who love to hear themselves and have the brains of a parasite.
Would be socialite but no one's going to screw her beacuse she is as ugly as sin.
Dreamcatcher - might have a lot of peole screwing her and she definitely is coy about it. Maybe she's a wannabe bitch.
I think this is enough for a while, let it all begin.