Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ok now more on to JUDE women. I'll tell you why JUDE women fascinate me greatly, its like they are all ugly as sin bu t they think men swarm to them like flies. I can categorise for you. The Oh kiss me, kiss my feet ones like Teleute and Babelfish. The ones like arbit who saya nything and all because they think its cool and they have an entourage of rather stupid male followers like Srin or Dreamcatcher. Oh yeah babies, you're the next big thing after Joyce. Which JUDE women claim to all worship and read. Actually they have their brains .......nowhere. You could do google searches and yet no brain. Awwwwwwwww you poor deluded thingies. Like Rimi dddddaaahlin, is the link quite alright now???? Awww, I do feel quite sorry you know. You never are going to have sex you see. With anyone. Turn maybe into one of those like the forty year old virgin...Rimi dont worry we'll pay someone to sleep with you.tetelute - honey, truth hurts does it?? you refer to the truth as drivel??? eh?? eh???I think it hurts you more like down there where you long for something else. Why else wpould you keep on putting up your own pictures?? someone tell the woman she is not Miss Universe.It hurts the eyes.Drea,catcher, now what kind of a shitty name is that eh?? The only one I posted the comment on and now she went and deleted it. Fucking shit head. and you better stop your own whining and groaning. DC is a bitch. DC is a bitch. DC is a bitch. All she does is to grab evey guy in sight and flirt with him, she's one of those who are d4espearte they womt get good sex. PIty being she;s never even know what good is like.