Friday, April 07, 2006

Ok, so seems people are reading. Good way opf letting those stuck up ones come down to earth though. Babelfish is not as conceited as say Teleute and Rimi obviously thinks that she's the Queen of them all, her nose runs before her and she waddles, yes dahling you waddle, so she waddles alsong and hopes someone will watch intently how she has dolled heself up/ With those ultra tight clothes and those skirts - you dont have a behind. you do have an ass that would put Queen Latifah to shame. you migh think people like see your generous endowments but the truth is we like tight thingies and not hanging ones like you. you dont make the cut - your dress sense sucks, your attitude sucks eevn more. you just go around thinking that you are the most beautiful. there are prettier, cuter ones in your own class. She is the type who would love to be a prostitute if it was legal.
teleute, she thinks she can say any crappy arbit nonsense and then poof! everyone will come and fall at her feet because she thinks she looks good., mind you she thinks. her feet are placed five inches above the ground because she thinks its too good. everyon bores her, she thinks people hit on her all the time and when is someone going to break the news. Mayeb we' ll need to keep her hospitalised for that. you just aint worth it.
Srin - she thinks shes cute, she thinks she's nice, she writes absolutely unrelated random rubbish and wants to impress. She is right - she's a maybe . which brings me to the queen of randomness M?S Dreamcatcher who unfortunately has not commented here yet. Dear, dear me. And she actually made her age old threat all over again That she' wanst to quite and needs a break, basically all she's craving for is everyone to come running back to her and ask ehr not to go. She is so paranoid about whwt she calls her anonymity that she has gone so far as to block her archives. Bitch, bitch, bitch. That girl needs good sex to get her head in order.