Friday, April 14, 2006

Rimi N Deep sleep also, rimi is a bitch., she is so narcisstic and full of air that she will blow away, the things about her is that most people out of poiiteness talk to her but no one likes he for her high handedness and her prigishness. she speaks with no regard for others and her nose is 20 inches in front as she waddles. see, rimi thinks of herself as in and talented but she cant act or dance to save her life. rimi smiles condescendinl at the world but does nt realise that the world would rather not see her.
DC is waiting for pople to comment on her blog and then she will rise like a princess before she goes bavck to writing. teleute has got what she deserves the most - people can peacefully not see her on her blog - as she tries to pout and inspire sayings of being sexy and hot. thg=ings sgall be better when she leaves.